Our suite of applications provides medical facilities with a HIPAA-compliant, flexible, seamless, and cost-efficient, web-based solution for fully managing the dictation and transcription data delivery and storage process, all while bolstering physician satisfaction, revenue retention, and decreased documentation costs.

InSync automatically uploads dictations from digital recorders to the Emdat servers, effortlessly and seamlessly.  

InTouch allows healthcare providers to dictate over the phone, increasing their comfort and productivity.  

Emdat Mobile gives healthcare providers the ability to fully document patient encounters using only a mobile device.  

InQuiry enables medical facilities to manage their day-to-day documentation workflow — efficiently and effortlessly.

ShadowLink automates secure interfaces between medical facilities and Emdat, providing communication efficiency and protection.  

ShadowScribe generates transcription text, using software that "learns" to "understand" individual speakers.  

ShadowPrint automatically prints documents with a variety of setting parameters, a flexible feature that saves time.

InVision generates billing, transcription production, user, workflow, and a variety of other reports.

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