Documentation Solutions

Here at Rocky Mountain Transcription, we provide you with a hybrid dictation/transcription solution customized to fit your workflow needs while also adhering to Meaningful Use and HITECH regulations.  Not only does our software deliver superb functionality and client satisfaction by streamlining workflow, reducing costs, and providing free interfacing with the majority of EMR systems, but on the documentation side, our commitment to you is delivering timely, accurate, and cost-effective transcription that exceeds your expectations.

Maximize Healthcare Provider Productivity:  Studies show that it takes a physician an average of 4.5 minutes per patient to document a visit using templates in an EMR system. By contrast, dictation takes only 1.5 minutes per patient. That's a difference of 3 minutes per patient!   If a physician sees an average of 20 patients each day, that translates to 60 minutes a day.  The result?  Doctors will either see fewer patients or work longer hours.  Our solution creates the clinical record quickly and efficiently while your providers move on to the next patient.

Convenient Dictation Options:  Telephone, handheld digital recorder, computer microphone, speech recognition, or the latest technology in dictation - our free Smartphone app (Emdat Mobile). Rather than navigating a complex and time-consuming EHR system during an exam to create front-end documentation, providers can instead focus their attention on the patient. Providers enjoy the freedom of efficient, web-based documentation while generating structured data that can be delivered to their EHR.

Access Patient Schedule from Smartphone:  Can’t remember what time that surgery was scheduled for on Monday morning or what time you need to be back in the office after lunch? With our free, HIPAA-compliant mobile app (Emdat Mobile), never be late again. Now you can you access and dictate from your patient schedule at any time of the day from the convenience of your Smartphone.

Access Patient Dictations from Smartphone:  Seeing a patient at one of your satellite offices where you don’t have access to the medical records? Anything dictated into our system can be easily accessed from your Smartphone.

Streamlined Workflow and Online Accessibility from any Computer:   Authorized users can conveniently and securely view, search, track, edit, electronically sign, print, route, and fax online from any computer with internet access in real time 24/7/365!

Seamless EMR/EHR Integration:  Transcription data is automatically populated into the EMR.  Our system tags transcription content (i.e., Chief Complaint, History of Present Illness, Past Medical History, etc.) and interfaces with any RIS, HIS, EMR, or clinical repository and discretely populates the EMR.  Every patient encounter is documented thoroughly and efficiently as if the clinician had entered it themselves.  

Customized Templates:  If you have them, we'll use them.  If you don't, we'll create them free of charge. Additionally, anything that is templated or we find to be "standard jargon" in your dictations, we will bill at a significantly decreased rate because while we manage it, we don't have to type it!

Electronic Signature:  E-signing for healthcare providers is made simple by either logging in from any internet-accessible computer or Smartphone. As an additional measure, healthcare providers and/or appropriate staff members are notified via email when dictations are ready to be signed.

EMR, HIS, or Clinical Repository Integration at No Additional Cost:  If you have an EMR, HIS, or Clinical Repository System in place, we can automatically populate all transcriptions into your system at no additional charge. If an EMR system is in your future, then we will maintain and store all the history needed to populate your future EMR when it becomes a reality. Imagine implementing an EMR and having two or three years of patient history already loaded.

Automated Followup Options for Referring Healthcare Providers:  Transcriptions can be routed automatically to referring providers via autofax, referral folder, or automated delivery. Alternatively, convenient features exist to assist in the standard mailing of transcriptions -- automatically printing transcription, creating a #10 envelope for each copied healthcare provider, as well as automatically generating a standard cover letter.

Quality Assurance:  You can rest assured that we will not just document verbatim what is dictated. Along with preserving the tone and scope of the patient encounter, we're also watching and listening for errors and/or inconsistencies that we will correct where possible or notify you if those errors cannot be confirmed.  As an added measure of protection, every dictation is looked over with a second set of QA eyes and ears, ensuring the integrity of every document before it's delivered.

Reports:  Interested in monitoring turnaround time, fax successes and failures, etc.? We provide free access to authorized personnel for those reports that aid in monitoring the workflow process.

Free Repository:  We provide access and storage of all documents indefinitely that are easily accessed 24/7/365.

Speech Recognition:  Physicians and other medical professionals maintain their dictation habits and speaking style. ShadowScribe captures and comprehends dictation by factoring into the process the way people really speak, regardless of dialect, accents, speaking styles, dictation habits, grammar, mispronunciation or speaking rate. ShadowScribe boasts a physician adoption rate of over 80% and utilization across all medical specialties and work types. Dictating users conduct business as usual and do not even need to be aware that ShadowScribe is being used. There’s no need to “train” the system by reading a pre-defined set of text, and users can be added at anytime.