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Whether you’re still maintaining paper charts, an EMR system is in your future, or you are already working within an EMR environment, Rocky Mountain Transcription offers a bold new solution customized to work with your current workflow - automating documentation, saving time, and dramatically improving productivity. Our solution offers a reliable, straightforward, and cost-effective documentation solution that identifies the structured data needed for analytics AND a robust patient story that provides all the information needed for quality care. We bring operational and financial benefits to your organization!
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We invite you to send us a set of reports you've already been billed for, highlighting any "template" or "macro" sections used by your doctors on a regular basis, and we'll provide you with our price.  
No more guessing on whether you're saving money or not!  
At Rocky Mountain Transcription, we provide you with a hybrid dictation/transcription solution customized to fit your needs while adhering to Meaningful Use and HITECH regulations. From printing chart notes on sticky paper to automatically interfacing with your EMR, we produce the highest quality medical documents for the lowest cost, all while maintaining physician productivity and attentive patient care.

Let our suite of applications streamline the work process. Any authorized user can view, edit, and electronically sign transcriptions online, 24/7/365. Transcriptions are automatically routed and can be sent automatically via auto-fax or a referral folder within the system. Alternatively, transcriptions, envelopes, and standard cover letters can be printed automatically.

All this, at a cost significantly less than standard transcription services — our transcription templates and exclusive Qualified Text feature reduce the amount of typing required and can reduce costs by up to 49% (read more ...).

Our software as a service delivers superb functionality and client satisfaction by streamlining workflow, reducing costs, and providing free interfacing with the majority of EMR systems — all with no contracts, no capital investment, and rapid deployment.

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Maximize productivity  •  Improve accuracy  •  Streamline workflow  •  Decrease documentation costs

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