Qualified Text: Rocky Mountain Transcription is proud to offer the time- and money-saving feature, Qualified Text (characters outlined in yellow above). Qualified Text is text automatically populated into a transcription based on document and/or dictation templates. Qualified Text includes editable fields that can be modified as necessary. Rocky Mountain Transcription assigns these auto-populated characters a separate line count and are billed at a reduced rate. Qualified Text decreases the amount of typing required, thereby lowering transcription costs and allowing transcription to be completed more quickly. In addition, dictation and document templates allow healthcare providers to base dictations on common content and customize data as necessary, multiplying the efficiency of dictation.    

To further clarify what we mean by document and/or dictation templates, we are speaking of "standards" and/or "normals" - those templates such as a standard male/female physical examination or a standard cataract surgery, and the like, where very little, if any, documentation needs to change. In the EMR setting, while free, these templates are nothing more than boilerplates created by a third party or "expert" and are very inflexible, oftentimes resulting in cumbersome "pick lists." In the traditional transcription setting, while they are personalized to each individual doctor, they cost just as much as if they were dictated, saving the transcriptionist time, but no savings is realized by the client. As mentioned above, through the use of Qualified Text, we are able to take an entire document/dictation template, personalized by each healthcare provider, and bill it at a reduced rate, saving you money!  

Print Templates: Print Templates include uneditable content for each document type and may include letterhead logos, addresses, contact information, carbon copy information, date dictated, date transcribed, demographic field labels, as well as headers and footers (characters in red above). In the traditional transcriptionist setting, this content has always been included in total lines counted. In our setting, print template lines are free.  

Reduced line counts mean reduced costs: The combination of Rocky Mountain Transcription's Qualified Text lines that are billed at a reduced rate and Print Template lines that are free decrease the amount of typing required. The result? Transcription costs drop significantly while productivity increases.   

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